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This is Daphne, designing all the products you find here through the art of Kirigami. Find out everything about her and what Kirigami is on the about page!

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Slide We designed a way of learning Kirigami from the comfort of your home. The tools you need are basic; a scissor, some paper and a printer to print the design. Together with the design you print the instructions and you are ready to go! 1/3 Do It Yourself templates > Slide In the instructions you find tips and tricks on how to use the scissor and a step by step guide for the best order to cut out the outlined patterns. It does not matter if you do not have any experience, Kirigami is easier than you think!
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Slide By understanding the techniques of Kirigami with this templates, you will see you are soon enough thinking about your own designs and continue with your own style of this See all available DIY templates 3/3 <